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I swear, there will never be enough to say about fruits and vegetables. Sure, most of them don't provide us with large amounts of protein, carbohydrates or fat...that's not their purpose. Fruits and veggies, in my opinion, provide us our core nutrient load....

Picky Kid Relief
As I’m sure you’ve previously read, this whole company was inspired to be by my daughter, Lily. She is your typical picky kid. She ate everything up until about age 2 and from there it started going downhill. I swear once our kids realize that they have the ability to use the word “no”, they don’t hesitate to use it wherever they can. Pretty soon they will realize that food is one of the only times that they will usually get away with it. Clever kids. Plus, when it comes to science, we have to remember a few points about kids that will help you not feel so frustrated. One, their taste buds are constantly changing and evolving...
What Exactly is a Whole Food Supplement?
There are so many companies claiming to sell "whole food”, so how can you tell which of them is the real deal?  Well, first we have to define what a whole food supplement actually is. Here at Rooted Nutrition, we believe that a whole food supplement is simply whole foods, low temperature dried and concentrated. Nothing taken away except the water, then made into a tablet. Of course there has to be the proper quality control, testing and manufacturing, but that’s for another blog article.  Seems simple enough, right?...
Welcome to Rooted Nutrition!
We’re so glad that you found us! This website and our mission are here because of people like you and families like ours. 

Rooted Nutrition isn’t a big company. It isn’t a startup by a group of investors. Rooted isn’t a fly-by-night pop-up company just looking to make a quick buck. We are just like you; we work, we parent, we love, we live. This company has been well-thought out and dreamed about, from us, people just like you...

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