Raw Material Sourcing & Distribution

Businesses, restaurants, health food stores and supplement companies often want to utilize or carry different herbs, vitamins, minerals, plant powders or protein sources to better their businesses. Some use them for formulating supplements, some for production of their items and some to even make lattes!

The problem lies in that there are massive amounts of materials and information out there, most claiming to be "clean", "pure", "100% natural", "non-adulterated", but we know that this being an unregulated market, almost anything goes. Frustrating.

Josh has spent years studying and researching this, developing relationships with some of the most honest companies, in an industry where honestly is often smoke and mirrors. Not only can he direct you to the product you are looking for, with proof of its integrity, but also can help you to secure the best pricing on these quality materials. He can help you with every step on your journey, whether you need help with one material, or a large number of them. No project or problem is to big or to small.

- All projects are 100% confidential and include a signed non-disclosure agreement so that all of your proprietary information remains private. Feel free to inquire about costs or additional services.

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