Who We Are

Josh may just be the most passionate fellow about the supplement industry that you might ever meet. He has spent over half of his life studying and learning the ins and outs of how our bodies work, nutrition and how the supplement industry really works…and boy, is it scary. Josh has had the reputation of being an industry pitbull; someone who is well known to stand up for what is right, honest and truthful. He has had the pleasure of formulating supplements for many companies, yet always found it disheartening when they would inevitably give into pressures to create supplements cheaper, and thus negatively change their standards. 
Josh’s specialty is his expertise in all aspects of supplement manufacturing, such as raw materials sourcing, proper testing methods, FDA regulations and proper processing and handling of raw materials just to name a few. Josh still offers his consulting services often to different large and small supplement companies alike.  
Liz is a Registered Dietitian who really enjoys stepping outside of the nutritional box in which she was taught. Wellness and eating cleanly and properly is a true passion of Liz’s and she enjoys teaching and educating her patients on how to choose food first instead of chemicals and "quick fixes”. Liz has worked in hospitals, long-term care facilities and medical practices throughout her career and always was disappointed by how little real, whole foods were thought about when developing care plans. It has always been her dream to be a part of a movement that promotes real foods as medicine. One of the highlights of Liz’s time as a dietitian involves her own picky daughter. Liz has developed many techniques to help children overcome pickiness and learn to love trying new foods. It took time, but her once finicky daughter now regularly asks to try new foods and eats so many more fruits and vegetables than ever before. She loves to help other families go down the same road. 
Josh and Liz met in Kindergarten and then at the age of 6, parted ways as Liz moved to the next town over. Fast-forward 25 years, Josh and Liz re-met and completely fell in love.  Their passions about whole-foods and their disappointments in the supplement industry brought them together. Putting their heads together, with a goal to develop a company helping both individuals and companies alike find their own wellness with pure foods, clean supplements, pristine raw-materials and expert supplement formulation...thus, Rooted Nutrition was born.
ROOTED NUTRITION      845. 345. 4651      PO BOX 1178      SAUGERTIES, NEW YORK 12477

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