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Glass Tube Grown Chlorella

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Algomed Chlorella


Contaminant Free Chlorella

From the first algae to the finished product, Algomed maintains complete control of production. The chlorella is also certified to international standards GMP, HACCP,  ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 50001 and HALAL.

Algomed Chlorella
Algomed Glass Tube Grown Chlorella


Nutrients and an algae starter culture are added to tubular aquariums full of mineral-rich well water and the algae begin to grow. The advantages of this 500-kilometre system of glass tubing are obvious. The algae get an optimal supply of sunlight because there are no “dark zones” like you get in the lower layers of a pond, and no contaminants from the outside can get into the culture.

chlorella cells under a microscope


The cell walls of this chlorella are not broken up and indeed don’t have to be- Various investigations into this have shown: The digestibility of chlorella is not significantly increased by breaking up its cell walls. Factors such as the drying process or the species (strain) of chlorella used, have a greater impact. This is summarized as follows in a publication by T. Kanno (2005), stating that “The original characteristics and the physiological effects of Chlorella are not changed by breaking up the cell wall” and “It is more to be feared that the process of breaking up the cell wall may degrade proteins, destroy vitamins, and fatty acids, thereby resulting in oxidation effects.”

algomed chlorella


Algomed does intensive research into continuous process optimization and new possibilities. They have been able to reduce the electricity consumption per kilogram of algae produced over the last five years (2012-2017) by a third, as well as nearly halving the water consumption! And in the meantime, they are cultivating a healthy dozen different microalgae for a broad spectrum of applications.

algomed chlorella tablets


Where and how your chlorella is grown is extremely important. 

From contamination and ethical issues, there are a lot of important factors to consider when choosing a chlorella supplement.

Check out this page to learn more.


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