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Bees and Trees Manuka Honey is traceable back to the exact hive from which it comes in New Zealand.

manuka honey hive and beekeeper
Bees and Trees Manuka honey hive


Bees and Trees Manuka Honey is a true Hive to Bottle honey.

They own their own hives and each one has a unique RFID chip on it so they can monitor and keep track of each hive.

Each bottle of honey can be traced back to the actual hive it came from.

This means you know exactly where your honey came from. It is not a mix of various countries, batches, and origins. When Manuka Honey is mixed together from lots of suppliers and batches, it is much easier for it to get adulterated and contaminated. By using a hive to bottle product you always know where your honey is coming from.

100% pure, high MGO Manuka Honey from the Taranaki region of New Zealand.

Bees and Trees Manuka Honey Hive


With all of the issues facing the collapse of bee colonies worldwide, it is important that beekeepers care for their bees and do not overwork them or subject them to harsh conditions or environments.

The bees are not put in areas with heavy pesticide or herbicide use. Bees & Trees is region-specific honey, produced in Taranaki, which is on the west-central part of the North Island. The areas they produce their Manuka honey are remote even by New Zealand standards. Much of the land either borders on or is part of publicly owned native forest reserves.

The hives are consistently inspected to ensure they are free of disease and the queens are strong.

Did you know a single, healthy hive, can grow from 10,000 bees in the winter to over 50,000 bees during the flowering seasons?

The bees are not given unneeded antibiotics and are not treated with harsh chemicals just to increase production.

The bees are not fed corn syrup or foods that are not part of their natural diet.


The bees are not overworked and are allowed to rest during the winter.

They work with organizations that are trying to protect save bee populations. 

It is incredibly important that any company that produces honey or other bee products treat their bees well and take good care of them.

Bees and Trees manuka honey bee hive with beekeeper


As with every product, proper quality control is essential to producing a great product.

The first step in making great Manuka Honey is having control of your own supply and taking great care of your bees.

Since they have their own hives and control the process from hive to bottle, they do not have to worry about many of the issues facing companies who buy from brokers or middleman and use mixed batches of product.

This does not mean that they do not need to do any testing on the product though.

Every batch of their honey is third party tested, you can view the latest batch test results here and here. Since they test each batch individually you will see different MGO numbers on different batches, which is a sign that they are not using different brokers or middleman to standardize the batches and nor are they faking the testing.

They are Oritain certified, which helps to guarantee the product is where it says it is from, ensures it is a pure product that is free of adulteration.

They are New Zealand Fernmark licensed. Fernmark licensing is a guarantee that the product is truly New Zealand in origin.

They extract the honey and bottle it in in their own facility, unlike most Manuka Honey companies who buy a finished product and have it bottled for them.

Complete transparency and control from hive to bottle and multiple third party certifications and tests done on each batch. How many other Manuka Honey companies can say that?

bees and trees manuka honey


Bees and Trees package their manuka honey in glass jars, not the soft plastic that most companies use.

This may be more expensive, but it is better for you and the environment.

bees and trees manuka honey


Manuka Honey has a tremendous potential to help soo many people.

That promise can only come to fruition if a product is pure and potent.

If you want to experience all of the nourishment that Manuka Honey has to offer, you need to ensure you are truly getting honey that represents the history and legacy of the Manuka plant.

We are proud to be working closely with Bees & Trees to provide you with a Manuka Honey that brings you all of the health benefits that it is known for while helping to improve the environment and ensure that bees will be around for generations to come.

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