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Turkey Tail mushrooms

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wild harvested mushrooms


Wild Mushroom Extracts

 Potent extracts from mushrooms and herbs foraged in the ancient Appalachians, which are among the oldest mountains on earth.

reishi mushroom
chaga mushroom


Forager's Kingdom takes great care to ensure that they do not overharvested or endanger the mushroom populations.


They want these incredible mushrooms to be around for generations to come.

reishi mushroom growing on a tree


Health promoting mushrooms naturally grow on trees (except cordyceps).


Unfortunately, too many mushroom supplement companies grow them on grains, such as rice or tapioca. These grains lack many of the beneficial nutrients that mushrooms need that are found in their natural food source.


Grain grown mushrooms will never match the potency and nourishing potential that wood grown mushrooms have. 

lions mane mushroom growing on a tree


The fruiting body of the mushroom is where the benefits are and are what most people think of when they imagine a mushroom.


Unfortunately, most mushroom companies grind up the mycelium, the "roots" of the mushroom, along with the grain growing medium. 


These products end up being mostly starch. These grain-based mycelium products are not mushroom supplements and will never have the benefits that a properly extracted fruiting body will.

Foragers Kingdom Mushroom Extracts


Forager's Kingdom extracts was founded by a passionate, lifelong forager Neil Thenier.  

Neil shares Rooted Nutrition's goals of improving the health of people with wild foraged foods and creating a more sustainable and better future for our planet.

Foragers Kingdom Mushroom extracts


Wild Kingdom harvests all of their mushrooms themselves. 

This ensures they only use the highest quality mushrooms and that the mushrooms are sustainably harvested.


This helps to protect the local environment and make sure that there is no over-harvesting.

Some companies we looked into, that produced wild-harvested mushroom extracts, were using middlemen, so they could not verify that there are was no over harvesting. 

It is important to only use companies who are either harvesting the mushrooms themselves or buying directly from the harvesters. Knowing where and how the mushrooms are harvested is essential to ensure a sustainable product.

There is no reason that we cannot use products that benefit both us and the environment while preserving resources for future generations.

Foragers kingdom mushroom extracts


Their extracts (except for cordyceps) are 100% wildcrafted and contain no grains or fillers.


Dual extraction in both alcohol and hot water ensures the highest potency and the broadest range of bioavailable beneficial compounds and cofactors.


They use only natural spring water and domestically sourced, organic alcohol.

The finished products are packaged in dark, Miron glass jars to protect the integrity of the extracts.

One Tree Planted


For every bottle of Wild Kingdom Mushroom Extracts that is sold, one tree is planted through an incredible organization called One Tree Planted.

This group works to get trees in the ground to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitats for biodiversity around the world.

We are so proud to support this amazing organization. 

Robin Wall Kimmerer Quote


The healing potential of mushrooms for both people and the planet has yet to be fully realized.

We are only just beginning to understand the full benefits that they have to offer in everything from helping to clean up pollution to improving physical and mental health.

However, these benefits will never truly be realized if we do not respect the gifts and wisdom that Mother Nature has given us in these incredible, edible fungi.


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