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Mushroom Mania

Welcome to the incredible, edible world of mushrooms.

Take a journey with us from the mundane to the magical and find out how life-changing they can be.


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Crude mushrooms vs extracts

With so many types of products on the market, hot water, alcohol, ground, heated, extracted, it can be confusing out there. Learn which is best and why.


Polysaccharides and beta-glucans

Mushroom beta-glucans have wonderful immune supporting properties. Learn how to get the most benefits and why most products do not actually supply these important compounds in a meaningful way.


Our mushroom partners

Meet the amazing people behind our mushroom supplements and the wonderful work they are doing.


Fruiting body vs mycelium

Most mushroom supplements on the market contain either the fruiting body or the mycelium. Learn which is best and why.


Quality Control and testing

Proper quality control is essential for any supplement including. Learn the proper quality control process for a good mushroom supplement.


Which mushroom is right for me?

Learn the benefits that different mushrooms have to offer and how to take them to get the most benefits.

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