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Buffa-GLOW Up!

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty

Hey, hi!

You know what I love? When my skin is calm and clear and without redness.

You know what I have naturally? Skin that is angry and red and congested….and DRY.

At least...that’s what I’d always thought about my skin.

I figured that I’d spent too much time in the sun as a kid, and my skin was just destined to need seventeen layers of foundation every morning to look somewhat decent. At least, that’s what I told myself.

I am a skincare-aholic. A product junkie to the max. I’ve tried it all - more for fun than anything. Some skin care lines would help at first, and then my skin would return to Code: Red quickly. Some skin care lines made it worse. Most were disappointing. I tried it all in the search of that holy grail line.

Problem is...I found out through trial and error that I have allergies to many skincare additives found in most products sold in the mainstream market. HUMPH.

So - I searched out and started using a local, natural line. I loved it. It’s a beautiful line - but my skin was still angrily red and congested, despite me insisting it was working for me.

Cue in my husband, Josh, a master at herbalism and a master at shaking his head at my ever-growing pile of crap skincare products that didn’t work. For YEARS, he would tell me that the products I was using weren’t actually helping my skin, that they weren’t protecting my acid mantle. At the time, I was like: eyes, meet ceiling.

Rooted Nutrition's Herbalist, Josh

Josh sneaking up on another victim, preparing to ruin something they love with another rant.


Josh came home from work giddily excited one day, exclaiming: “I’ve found it! I’ve found it! I’ve finally found a skincare line that does exactly what I’d ideally do with skincare! These products are going to be amazing on your skin! I’m so excited!”

“Great!”, I exclaimed. “I want in!” (I was half excited to get nice skin and half excited to maybe get to prove his brilliant, always-right self wrong.)

Fast forward two weeks and a huge box arrived at his business with these new products I’d been hearing about. I hadn’t seen him so excited about a product line in a long time. For the almost nine years that I’ve known him, he’s been talking about finding a really good skincare line.

I excitedly opened up the box and looked at the ingredients. I’m not going to lie; I was shocked to find that these products he’s so excited about are made of…..water buffalo tallow? Heh? WHAAAT?!

Of course, I’m thinking things like, “omg, I’ll break out,” “he’s gone mad - it’s finally happened,” or “ew, buffalo fat on my face (please say this in your head in your best Alexis Schitt voice for me)??!”

Let me tell you guys - THIS BLEW MY MIND! Animal fat on my face? What on earth?!

Now, I’ll try nearly any skincare product, so I wasn’t about to let a little fear get in my way. I immediately jumped on their website and started learning. Whoa. Wait. What? This is actually an amazing concept...I became entranced. It made perfect sense to use tallow for the skin. The fats in tallow are very similar to our own fats; they absorb much better and support that very sensitive acid mantle. I am going to put an excerpt from their blog below that really made me understand and get super excited to try this product:

“You might be surprised to discover that skincare products shouldn’t be based on just chemicals and extracts that come from plants. Or at least these are not the only ingredients that can be efficient when it comes to skin balms and other similar products. Tallow is one of the ingredients that was considered to be almost miraculous a few decades ago. And if you are not familiar with such products, keep reading because you will find a healthy alternative to other skincare creams that you can find on the market nowadays.

Tallow is a type of rendered fat obtained from ruminant animals such as sheep, cows, bison, buffalo, and deer. This type of fat is obtained from heating up the suet, a very specific body cavity fat, and separating the oils from the rest of the tissue. This was a common skincare product in ancient times, but recently, it reached a new level of popularity again as science rediscovered its incredible benefits. Tallow is a product that can safely be ingested, making it even more appropriate to apply to the skin. The skin absorbs all the ingredients we use on it; this is another reason we have to pay attention to skincare products.

Why you should use Tallow-based products as a skincare moisturizer or cleanser.

The benefits of Tallow are almost unlimited as this ingredient is highly compatible with our skin. Here are the most important aspects of being aware of when you introduce Tallow to your daily beauty routine!

- Tallow compliments our skin’s structure by being highly compatible with our cells. This natural ingredient has between 50% and 55% saturated fats, and it also comes with a significant amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. With such a structure, there’s no wonder that Tallow nourishes our skin cells every time we apply it, and it provides just the right amount of moisturizer.

- This ingredient gets easily absorbed into our skin. You will notice that as soon as you apply Tallow on your skin, it gets absorbed deep into its layers. This will offer you healthy and soft skin that will also look younger and gain its natural glow after just a few days.

- Tallow is well known for feeding our skin much better than oil extracts that come from different plants. Even if plant-based oils are very healthy for your skin, Tallow seems to be much better and a lot more effective. It contains a wide variety of vitamins that are beneficial for any type of skin, such as vitamins A, K, D, and E.

Pastured Lard

Skin, prepare to be nourished!

How to use Tallow products to improve the quality of your skin.

If you have never used Tallow on your skin, you might wonder how it works and how to apply it. Even if this is a simple process, it should still be clarified before putting it into practice. Here are the main ways to use them properly for maximum benefits.

- Before applying a Tallow-based product on your skin, ensure you wash it and eliminate all makeup. Gently spread a tiny amount the size of a pea of Tallow balm by using your hands or a special skin sponge or beauty blender by dabbing, patting, or stippling. Make sure to cover all the surfaces you want and carefully rub them into the surface of your skin to help it get absorbed easier. You will not have to rinse your skin off after you apply a Tallow product because this is a nourishing concoction and not a mask. An overly oily feel means either too much was applied or your skin may need a little exfoliation. Either way, give it time to absorb because the benefits are worth the wait! Your skin will be fed with all the healthy fats and vitamins it needs as the Tallow gets absorbed deeper into its layers. Repeat this process after every shower.

Tallow-based products will not only offer your skin the beauty you are going for but will also keep it healthier for a longer time. These products reduce wrinkles and prevent aging signs as long as they are used regularly, and you don’t abuse them. Your skin will feel softer and less damaged in no time as you will find that you can get all the nourishment you need by simply applying this Tallow Face Balm to it. So, definitely give it a try and enjoy the amazing effects of this natural product!

RIGHT?! Are you guys as fascinated as I was???

Being the best husband ever that he is, and also probably to prove my initial feelings wrong (ha!) Josh gifted me with a set of skincare in the hopes that I might find a positive change in my skin.

In the words of my pre-schooler son, “OHHHHH MY GOD, YOU GUYSSSSSS!!!!!”

I have been faithfully using these products for about eight weeks now, and I cannot even begin to tell you what a gift they have been to me. I promise I’m not just saying that - I wouldn’t write an article if I weren’t completely sold! I have very dry, very red/sensitive skin, and it’s never been so calm, so moisturized, soft, supple. This line is a GIFT!

I’ll let you know my regimen below (and if you need help finding one for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out). I find that these products really work well as a complete “line,” so if possible, go for it and try a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer! Here we go:

1. To cleanse morning and night:

  • I mostly use their Simply Unscented Tallow Bar. I use just a bit of it, lather it up, and cleanse my face. It has some beautiful ingredients in it that prepare your skin for the next steps.

  • Two to three nights a week, I will instead, use the ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS Tallow Cleansing Balm

    • This is my favorite product that they make. It’s the most luxurious oil cleansing method and moisturizes my skin SO well. It feels like baby skin - unreal!

    • If you are only going to try one product from the line, I’d choose this. It’s LOVELY.

2. Then I tone - I love a good face mist:

  • I use the Hydrating Toning Mist - just three or four full sprays on my face, and my skin feels just like it’s been fed. I’ve always loved anything with hyaluronic acid - it helps with my chronically dry skin and leaves it feeling so plump and supple. This product is a must!

3. Then it’s time for the heavy hitter - the tallow moisturizer step!

  • In the morning, I use the Tallow Face Balm for Dry or Maturing Skin

    • Just a tiny bit goes a long, long way

    • Warm the pea-sized amount up between the palms of your hands and then gently pat on your face - don’t rub….pat.

  • At night, I use the Night Repair Tallow Balm

    • This comes in a close second for my favorite product. It’s so smooth, and I love the smell. I feel so moisturized without feeling greasy.

    • Just a tiny bit goes a long way. Warm it up between your palms first and pat gently into your skin.

4. Don’t neglect your delicate eye skin! This skin is very different from the rest of the skin on your face and should be treated delicately and with care.

  • After moisturizing my face, I take my ring finger and gently pat a touch of the Eye Revive around my eye area.

That’s the daily regimen. Simple, quick, and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at creating the most lovely, nourished skin.

Once a week or when I need it, I’ll use the Dead Sea Mud Mask to help draw out impurities if my skin is feeling congested. This stuff is NO JOKE! You can almost feel it purifying your skin! Plus, I love walking around with a mask on to scare my family - I really do, I know...I know.

Now, that’s just my own regimen...Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty has a whole collection of products for different skin types, hair, body, and even lips. Their lip balm has me kvelling every time that I use it - it’s so good!

If you want to get a look at all of the Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty products that Rooted Nutrition carries, click here for the entire collection.

Having healthy skin isn’t only about skincare - we need to nourish it from within too. That being said, wow, I would run and not walk to get your hands on this line. It’s a little out of the “norm,” but hey...isn’t trying new fantastic things what life should be all about?!

Now, go drink your water, eat your veggies and fruits, consume those healthy fats, and don’t forget the ultimate buffa-GLOW up with these AMAZING new products to hit our store!

Go! Go!

Farm to bottle skincare


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