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Avena Botanicals Calendula Oil soothes, restores, and promotes healthy skin and provides gentle lymphatic support.*


Vibrant, rich, and amber-colored, our Calendula Oil is a picture of simplicity and potency. An essential skin-care product for individuals with sensitive, dry, or irritated skin and an incredible daily moisturizer for those seeking straightforward support. Our Calendula Oil makes for a fantastic breast massage oil due to its lymphatic supporting qualities and can be used anywhere on the body for this reason. Very beneficial for supporting healthy vaginal tissue.

Repairing, soothing, and slightly moving, Calendula Oil can be indispensable for supporting healthy skin after mild burns (including sun exposure), cracked skin, minor irritations of all kinds, and occasional areas of redness or dryness. Safe, gentle, and appropriate for children and adults alike.


Garden Notes: We hand-harvest several hundred pounds of fresh Calendula flowers from our Biodynamic garden each summer and thoughtfully lay them on screens in our drying room. Once dry, we infuse them into organic olive oil for two weeks, creating this potent amber-colored oil.


Energetics: moistening, protective, soothing.


Actions: vulnerary, demulcent.


When to reach for it: For breast and another lymphatic massage. For mild burns, minor cuts, and occasional irritations. To relieve dryness and cracked skin. Diaper rash. As a gentle facial oil for sensitive and dry skin.


Ingredients: Dried Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis)† Olive oil^.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Avena Botanicals Calendula Oil - 1 oz

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