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Moss Nutrition BID MultiSelect® is a state-of-the-art, conveniently dosed 2-per-day multivitamin/mineral supplement. (In doctor lingo, BID—commonly written as b.i.d.—stands for bis in die, Latin for twice-a-day.) It was designed by practicing clinicians to provide key micronutrients in researched absorbable forms plus a unique blend of advanced specialty ingredients.


A quality multivitamin/mineral supplement functions like an insurance policy. It provides a full suite of foundational micronutrients to help support optimal nutritional status.


Naturally, it would be challenging to pack this much nutritional support into one single capsule or tablet. So we did it in two.


To begin, BID MultiSelect® contains all the major vitamins and minerals with three exceptions: copper, iron, and vitamin K. We kept the product free of copper and iron because a majority of adult men and mature women are replete in these minerals, and too much can cause problems. Vitamin K was kept out in order to make this multi suitable for patients taking blood-thinning medications. (Moss Nutrition offers both iron and vitamin K in separate, stand-alone products for those who need them.)


In addition to its foundational vitamin/mineral complex, BID MultiSelect® contains an unsurpassed blend of beneficial antioxidants and specialty nutrients researched to help fight oxidative stress, promote healthy eyes & skin, support heart health, and more.

Moss Nutrition BID MultiSelect - 60 tablets

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