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Birch Boys Turkey Tail Tincture

Birch Boys Turkey Tail Tincture - 4 oz


Birch Boys Turkey Tail Tincture is a dual extracted tincture made out of 100% North American Wild Turkey Tail fruiting bodies. Birch Boys' Turkey Tail is symbiotically harvested from over 100,000 acres of leased wild forest lands in NY's Adirondack Mountains.


Our process is vertically integrated, we oversee our product every step of the way, from the forest to you! This process begins with thoughtfully harvesting our wild fungi. The fungi then move on to our New York fungi factory, where it is carefully handcrafted by our small team into the final product. 


Birch Boys Turkey Tail Tincture contains the highest concentrations of the best quality Turkey Tail available. Our products are 100% sourced and handcrafted in the USA.


Our tincture process consists of a 36-hour hot water brew combined with a final alcohol steep. The ratio of these two liquid solvents is 3.5 to 1, respectively.


The benefits of using a Turkey Tail tincture compared to an encapsulated powder or tea is that tinctures are specifically designed to broadly retain the bio-availability of more sophisticated micro-nutrients that exist in Turkey Tail, including PSK, PSP, Beta D Glucans, antioxidants, and phenolic compounds. Birch Boys’ dual Turkey Tail extraction process emphasizes quality, efficacy, and synergy. In addition, many of the benefits of using mushrooms come from the taste, so if you are using a pill, you will miss out.


Ethically Sourced and Produced

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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