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Seleno Health Cacao Serving Bowl - Jicara

Seleno Health Cacao Serving Bowl - Jicara


The jicara is a traditional serving vessel that is used for ceremonial cacao drinks. It represents the feminine energy of cacao and the womb, with cacao a representation of the blood of life and the molinillo (cacao whisk) the masculine energy. Together the three elements are blended while whisking the cacao representing the creating of new life. As the cacao began to foam during this process, it was seen as being the breath of life and the air element. 


The jicara bowls are hand-made and 100% organic from the fruit of guera in Mexico. The fruit is hollowed out, and after the hard outer casing is dried, they are shaved smooth to create the bowls.


Each bowl is individually hand-carved and crafted. Serving the cacao in a truly traditional way. They are able to be washed in hot soapy water and are very sturdy.


Supplied to us directly from the Artisan in Mexico.

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