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Perfect for babies and those with sensitive and reactive skin, our ultra-soothing Calendula Flower Tallow Soap is just what the doctor ordered!  Many of our customers report finding relief from redness and other irritations after consistent use of this soap.  We make it so pure and basic -- free of scents, harsh surfactants, dyes, and detergents.  Your great-grandmother would approve!


Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Grassfed Buffalo Tallow — Rendered from our family’s herd of buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. 

Olive Oil — Highly moisturizing, full of antioxidants, treasured for centuries as the primary ingredient in Castille soap.

Castor Oil — Draws out impurities and has a slight drying effect, which balances well with heavier moisturizers.

Organic Calendula Flowers - Lovely for those with irritated skin.

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) - necessary in the soap-making process to convert fats to soap; none is left behind in the finished product.


Ingredients: Saponified tallow, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin castor oil, organic calendula flowers.

Buffalo Gal Calendula Flower Tallow Soap - 5 oz bar

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