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Celtic Sea Salt Electrolyve

Celtic Sea Salt Electrolyve - 8 oz


Celtic Sea Salt Electrolyve is an all-natural, flavorless, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan mineral mix turns ordinary water into a body-recharging electrolyte drink -- with the quality you’ve come to expect from Celtic Sea Salt®!


Formulated by doctors, ElectroLyve® is ideal for all ages, especially athletes. It is a superior electrolyte formula without all the sugar you find in other sports drinks. The body is 80% electrolyte solutions, not plain water. Water alone does not hydrate, whereas water plus Celtic Sea Salt® ElectroLyve® does hydrate!


Unlike our Electrolyte powder, there is no citric acid in this formula. Since some are sensitive to that, we wanted to offer one without. This means there is no flavor, so add lemon or lime to suit your taste buds.


Suggested Serving: To reconstitute, add 1.5tsps to 8oz of water or 1tbsp. to 16oz or ½ cup to a gallon of water. There are approximately 32 servings per container. Drink 2 – 3 glasses per day.

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