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Emerald Isle Irish Kelp Powder

Emerald Isle Irish Kelp - 40 grams


Emerald Isle Kelp is hand-harvested off the pristine coast of Ireland and then sun-dried.


The Higgins family first discovered the benefits of Irish seaweed whilst talking with an old man. For many years, the old man had regularly collected seaweed from the North Atlantic coastline of Ireland.


The old man told them about the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of the kelp that he was collecting. Intrigued, they tried the seaweed soak he recommended for aching limbs and found it to be wonderful.


This lead their family on a journey, firstly discovering the many types and uses for seaweed. The Higgins family decided to make a venture into the world of seaweed production. As a family business, Emerald Isle has been producing top-quality seaweed since 2013.


The Higgins family has carved a niche in the seaweed market by developing a traditional process of harvesting seaweed. Seaweed is hand-cut from below the low tide mark. This ensures only the best seaweed is harvested and ensures the preservation of the crop for future generations. The harvest is then hung by hand in a specially constructed drying room. Although their methods are traditional, they have a full HACCP in place and are fully compliant with all Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association.


Please note Emerald Isle Seaweed has developed its own dry room, and all the seaweed products are made in one place. Their slow drying process ensures all the nutrients remain in the seaweed. They do not expose their seaweed to high temperatures, which would kill off many of the beneficial qualities of seaweed. This means the seaweed is very nutrient-dense.


Ethically harvested and produced in Northern Ireland.


Ingredients: Wild-harvested kelp powder

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