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Avena Botanicals Gingko's uniquely-shaped leaves rejuvenate the mind and support eye health and vibrant memory.*


Fossils of Ginkgo trees have been identified from 270 million years ago. These ancient trees are well-loved and cultivated the world round, although they are native to China. Our Ginkgo Tincture uses the fresh green and yellow leaves harvested in the early autumn from two trees growing on our farm, creating a potent preparation. Ginkgo leaf promotes healthy circulation around the body, especially to the body's periphery and to the brain, helping support a vibrant and healthy memory and mind.


The leaves of this ancient tree are high in a range of bioflavonoids, important plant compounds that support the integrity of tissues in the body with a special affinity for the eyes and the vessels of the cardiovascular system.


Garden Notes: Each fall, our gardeners climb wooden ladders to hand-harvest Ginkgo leaves from two tall trees that grow in our Biodynamic gardens. These Ginkgo trees are gentle gatekeepers, inviting students to enter our healing gardens' magical world. The fan-shaped green and golden leaves are a delight and a favorite to gather in autumn. After we collect several baskets full, the leaves are immediately tinctured in organic alcohol.


Taste / Energetics: sweet, mildly bitter, mildly fruity, fortifying, enlightening, cooling.


Actions: circulatory tonic, nootropic, cardiovascular tonic, tissue tonic, mildly astringent.


When to reach for it: When seeking support for the mind and memory. When cold tips are the norm (hands, feet, nose). To support the veins, arteries, and capillaries of the cardiovascular system. When seeking support for vision and the eyes. As an adjunct to the Mediterranean diet. In mid-life and older years. When your family has a history of people needing extra support with the cardiovascular system and the mind.


Botanical Name: Ginkgo biloba

Part Used: Fresh and dried leaves

Ingredients: Certified Organic and Biodynamic Ginkgo leaves, Certified Organic Pure Grain Alcohol, Springwater


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Avena Botanicals Ginkgo - 1 oz

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