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Avena Botanicals Lavender Glycerite is yummy-tasting and uplifts the spirit, calms the mind, and nourishes the nervous system. Lavender supports respiratory and digestive health.*


This aromatic and yummy-tasting glycerite delights the senses, uplifts the spirit, and helps support a calm mind. Lavender has been valued through the ages in Europe and more recently in North America for the flowers rejuvenating aroma and for the many gifts, Lavender so generously offers the human nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems. The potent essential oils in Lavender's purple flowers easily infuse into a sweet, organic glycerin base and have unique qualities that deeply soothe and elevate the spirit. Lavender helps us navigate emotional and mental stagnation, irritation, unrest, and tension. It is an appropriate choice for support during the day and night for children and adults.


Lavender is an accessible herb that has an incredible ability to support a healthy digestive system, especially when experiencing occasional tension related to feelings of nervousness. Our Lavender Glycerite is an alcohol-free and delicious way to support constricted energy throughout the body, mind, and spirit. As a rejuvenative herb and brain tonic, Lavender also encourages a healthy night's sleep and a balanced response to everyday stressors.


Garden Notes: The ideal time for gathering Lavender is when the flowers first open. Here at Avena, we gently hold several stalks in one hand and cut them just above the leaves, then carefully lay the bundles in baskets, facing the same direction. These bundles are immediately prepared into our incredible Lavender Glycerite.


Taste / Energetics: bitter, aromatic, soothing, cooling, drying, uplifting, calming.


Actions: relaxing nervine, aromatic bitter, carminative.


When to reach for it: With children and adults, during times of increased unrest and stress of any kind. When needing to help clear, comfort, and uplift body, mind, and spirit. Before or after a massage or foot bath. Before or near bed. During colder months to support respiratory health and vitality. To support healthy digestion, especially at times when there is occasional tension due to nervousness. During travel.


Ingredients: Certified Biodynamic and Organic Lavender, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Avena Botanicals Lavender Glycerite - 1 oz

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