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Avena Botanicals Lemon Balm eases tension, supports digestion, promotes a calm, focused mind, and benefits healthy immune function. Uplifting to the spirit!*


Lemon Balm is a friendly aromatic mint family plant from the Mediterranean region of the globe that boasts a generously bright and sweet lemon flavor known to enchant children and adults alike! The plant has the unique qualities of being both uplifting and relaxing, measured by the interplay of abundant aromatics on the body and senses. Some say Lemon Balm tastes of sunshine!


This deliciously diffusive tincture brings ease and balance to the nervous system, helping to relieve feelings of overwhelm, quiet the mind, and support sound sleep. Lemon Balm has a cooling and refreshing quality that supports mental clarity and focus while uplifting the spirit! The soothing digestive support of this plant helps to calm an occasional nervous belly and serves as a digestive aid around meals. Lemon Balm supports a healthy immune response.


Garden Notes: Honeybees love Lemon Balm. We hand-harvest baskets of Lemon Balm from our Biodynamic gardens when the plant is flowering. Immediately following harvest, we infuse the fresh aromatic plant into organic alcohol, where the vibrant essential oils are gracefully extracted.


Taste / Energetics: sweet, slightly sour, drying, cooling, soothing, diffusive.


Actions: aromatic, immune-supportive, digestive, carminative, nervine tonic, relaxing nervine, and nootropic.


When to reach for it: When you need rejuvenation, whether from the summer heat, an irritating phone call, or a menopausal hot flash. As a way to calm, center, and connect with self and others. When you have butterflies in your stomach. During long days. While reading, studying or working. In the evenings. When seeking delight, ease, and refreshment.


Botanical NameMelissa officinalis

Part Used: Fresh lemon balm leaves and flowers

Ingredients: Certified Biodynamic and Organic Lemon Balm, Certified Organic Pure Grain Alcohol, Springwater


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Avena Botanicals Lemon Balm - 1 oz

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