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NXGEN Australian Waygu Beef Tallow

Nxgen Australian Wagyu Tallow - 350 ml


NXGEN Australian Wagyu Tallow is made by slow-melting Premium Pure Australian Grass Fed Wagyu Fat at low temperatures for eight hours to remove impurities while retaining valuable free fatty acids and heat-sensitive fat-soluble vitamins. Once completely melted into tallow, the impurities are removed by double filtering for increased purity, white tallow color, and flavor. There is nothing added; it is 100% natural tallow.


NXGEN Australian Wagyu Tallow is made from Australian Wagyu Beef, raised on mineral-rich Australian grasslands using sustainable and holistic practices for a smooth butter-like consistency.


It was awarded the silver medal at the Sydney Royal 2023 Fine Food Show.


Australian grass-fed Waygu Tallow contains large amounts of a beneficial fatty acid called stearic acid.

Australian Wagyu Tallow has a melting point below 40C, a much lower temperature than other fats, which gives it a signature buttery flavor that has made Wagyu famous around the world.


NXGEN Australian Wagyu Tallow is:


  • Pure high-end Wagyu beef tallow. It has a butter-like consistency for easy sautéing, searing, and cooking
  • Paleo and Keto Friendly - Whole30 Approved
  • Contains balancing levels of fatty acids
  • Naturally contains zero artificial trans fats and is not hydrogenated
  • Pasture-raised and grass-fed.
  • Sustainably, and humanely sourced


There is much more monounsaturated fat in Wagyu Tallow to the point where it gives duck fat a run for its money. 

Wagyu Beef Tallow shines for infusing or coating beef briskets (or really any smoked meats) and can turn ordinary hamburgers into a gourmet experience. Great for roasting veggies, smoking, grilling, baking, and sautéing, and, of course, is great with fries, sautéed broccoli, and leafy greens! In recent years, Wagyu beef tallow has become the secret weapon of grilling for chefs around the world, and we are happy to bring you this delicious offering. So step up to that grill, smoker, or stove and embrace the Wagyu Warrior within as you master the Way of the Wagyu!


Wagyu Tallow has a high smoke point of 420 degrees, so it is good for high-heat cooking.

As a side note, if you get your Wagyu Tallow and it arrives soft or liquid due to warmer temperatures this is normal, Wagyu Tallow has a lower melting point than other tallows.  If you prefer your tallow to be spreadable, simply store it in the refrigerator. 




Why is this Wagyu Tallow more expensive than other Wagyu tallow?

NXGEN Australian Wagyu Tallow is made from pure Wagyu Fat sourced from prized Japanese Wagyu Bloodlines.     A premium price is paid for pure Japanese Wagyu Fat.

Cheaper Wagyu Angus Cross Fat is used in other brands, which is represented by the lower retail price. The cheaper brands usually insist on full refrigeration of their tallow. Nxgen tallow purification and rendering process is more technically advanced, such that the tallow doesn’t require refrigeration.


Pure Wagyu Fat Tallow is much softer at room temperature than the cross-breed Wagyu Angus Cross Fat. 


Is your tallow deodorized?  
No, our tallow is 100% natural.


Is your tallow hydrogenated?

No, we do not add hydrogen to saturate the free fatty acid bonds to make it solidify.  Our tallow is 100% pure, and natural, no additives are added to it.


Why is Wagyu Tallow more expensive than others?  

The cheaper Wagyu Tallows are not 100% pure Wagyu but crossbreeds between Angus Cattle and Wagyu.  Furthermore, they are finished on grain. NXGEN Australian Grass Fed & Finished Wagyu fat is very difficult to source.  As such, raw materials are highly sought after and expensive. Our patented low-temperature rendering process removes water from the fat and has an advanced filtration system to make golden tallow rich in beneficial fatty acids.


Should I refrigerate after opening? 

No need if you have a cool pantry. Some people in locations where temperatures exceed 100 degrees like to refrigerate to allow Wagyu tallow to firm. 


My Wagyu tallow has streaks. Is this normal?
Yes. Wagyu tallow has many different free fatty acids. These fatty acids in Wagyu fat have very low melting points and are different. The streaks are of solid tallow and liquid tallow.  Refrigerate to firm for constant texture and color.

Is Australian Wagyu Tallow worth it?

When you consider the price of Wagyu, then yes, Wagyu tallow is cheap.  It's good stuff! By using Wagyu beef tallow in your cooking, you can elevate your recipes and make them even more delicious. Whether you are cooking french fries, baking, or smoking meat, Wagyu tallow is the ultimate ingredient that will add flavor and nutrition to your meals.


Does Australian Wagyu Tallow taste better than other types of tallow?

Unlike normal beef tallows, wagyu beef tallows are soft and bring that rich, buttery, fatty flavor that will melt in your mouth.


How long does Australian Wagyu Tallow last once opened?

Made from the highest grade Australian Wagyu and filtered twice with no additives.  Kept unrefrigerated will last 2 years with the lid tightly sealed. 

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