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Avena Botanicals Rose Water Spritzer

Avena Botanicals Rose Water Spritzer - 2 oz


Avena Botanicals Rose Water Spritzer is an essential companion that soothes, cools, and brings joy to the senses. A wonderful addition to any skincare routine.*


Roses have a delicate nature and an uplifting fragrance that fills the air during the warmth of early summer. Just the smell of Rose prompts the mind and heart to open, as a feeling of love and compassion for oneself and others naturally arises. Each bottle of our Rosewater Spritzer is a concentration of Rose's gifts and energetic healing qualities. Used throughout the ages to comfort the heart, soothe weariness, and uplift the spirit, the Rose is often used to calm the nerves, inspire the heart, and increase one's awareness of interconnectivity and reverence.


This uplifting aromatic spray is cooling and refreshing when sprayed on the face and neck. Rose soothes mild redness of the skin. We recommend using our Rosewater Spritzer as a facial astringent morning and night as part of an existing skincare routine or any time of day as desired. Try it as a facial toner before moisturizing. 


Energetics: aromatic, gentle, opening, soothing.


Actions: cooling, astringent.


When to reach for it: Anytime you're feeling emotionally or physically overheated, frustrated, agitated, or sad. As part of a skincare routine. When you need to revive, whether from the summer heat, an irritating phone call, or a menopausal hot flash. As a way to calm, center, and connect with self and others. During transitional times of life and rites of passage. Anytime you feel called to bring some special, fun, even devotional energy into your day. Children and babies love Rosewater too!


Ingredients: Water, Hydro-essential Rose (Rosa damascena) Oil.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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