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The new Shwally Magical Tooth Powder is a hit!


It’s time to banish foaming agents and sodium laureth sulfate to their respective places – the trash – and invite your teeth to be healthy the natural way.


Traditional eggshell powders are, unfortunately, contaminated with the junk from the traditional feed being given to the chickens. Shwally has gone the extra mile and sourced their egg shells from an Amish farm in Ohio whose chickens live outside on the farm and drink from their personal well. Their eggshell powder is bursting with calcium, which is important for healthy teeth.


And nothing compares to waking up with a refreshing clean mouth, still tingling from our pure peppermint crystals.


It goes great with the Shwally Peppermint Coconut Mouth Rinse.


Each jar should last 2-3 months.


How to use: 


1. Wet the toothbrush, and shake off the excess water.

2. Dip the toothbrush into powder to get a small coating on top. Or, dip toothpaste-covered brush in toothpowder.

3. Gently massage the teeth and gums.

4. Swirl and gargle with water for 5-10 seconds circulating minerals.

5. Finish with Shwally Peppermint Coconut Mouth Rinse if possible!


Ingredients: Eggshell Powder, New Zealand Grassfed Cattle Bone, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay, Vera Spring Salt, Pure Peppermint Crystals

Shwally Magical Hydroxyapatite Egg Shell & Cattle Bone Tooth Powder - 2 oz

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