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Don't just lube your lips . . . heal them!  A longstanding lip balm "addiction" led the founder, Shalley, to search long and hard for a natural ingredient that provides lasting relief for chapped and dehydrated lips.  This brand was launched because of the discovery of such an ingredient -- and that ingredient is tallow!  


Ever noticed how petroleum-based lip products (Chapstick, Carmex, etc.) feel so soothing at first and then must be constantly reapplied?  That's because those products degrade your lips . . .  by design.  That makes you a perpetual buyer of these products.  Some of the natural alternatives, including those that are beeswax based, yield only paltry results when it comes to lip care, as was experienced by the founder.    


Why is this such a truly great lip balm? Tallow, in combination with other deeply nourishing animal fats, is your answer to years of fruitlessly searching through lip products that don't work.  This practical blend gives lasting moisture to your lips; thanks to lipids similar to those in human skin, it heals.


If you purchased these lip balms in the past, you might have read about the founder's experience with a popular lip balm brand that uses beeswax as a main ingredient.  She found that over the years, beeswax formed too much of a barrier, leading to dryness and the perpetual need for re-application, not much different than petroleum-based products!  


As a result, she has avoided including beeswax in the formulations . . . until now.  She found a very special beeswax she loves, and because of its exceptional quality, a small amount is added to the lip balm formulation.  It adds body to our lip balms, reducing the speed at which they melt and increasing shelf life.


Instead of using potent essential oils, we scent our lip balms with 100% organic flavor extracts.  These flavor oils are distilled without anything artificial or synthetic.  We hope you like the little "cocktail party" of flavors (including one unflavored) as much as they do.  Because these flavor oils are completely natural, the scent may be faint or gradually dissipates.


They, at last, arrived at an ingredient list for the lip balms that are simple and practical: Grass-fed tallow, grass-fed ghee, beeswax, lanolin wax, and organic flavor (except the unflavored which has no scent or flavoring).


In keeping with the goal for more sustainable packaging, they are now using 30% recycled plastic tubes.  We tried to switch to a biodegradable cardboard tube for the lip balms but found they don't hold up after being in a pocket or purse for as long as they would like. 

Tallow Lip Balm Sangria - .13 oz tube

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