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Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty Body Butter Bar is our most luxurious product for all-over moisturizing with completely natural ingredients for skincare.  The grass-fed tallow in our Unscented Body Butter is combined with other skin biome-friendly animal fats, including grass-fed ghee, and pastured lard, and made solid with organic beeswax. 


This body butter is ideal for anyone with sensitivities to coconut oil or scents.  The buttery scent of ghee and the slight sweetness of the beeswax we have chosen for this product give it a lovely smell as it is. 


Buffalo Gal Beauty products are made with ingredients from their own farm like tallow and ghee, without all of the synthetic ingredients found in most "natural" body care products.


INGREDIENTS: Grass-fed tallow, grass-fed ghee, organic beeswax, and pastured lard.


Buffalo Gal Unscented Body Butter - 3 oz

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