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Moss Nutrition UT Select is a research-based formula designed to help support and maintain healthy urinary tract function. It contains a comprehensive blend of botanical extracts and nutritional compounds.


Along with traditional herbals such as stinging nettle leaf, parsley, uva ursi, and horsetail extracts, UT Select® features meaningful levels of d-Mannose plus a high potency cranberry extract, provided in combination with Ursolia® sage leaf extract for researched benefits.


Activated vitamin B6 and buffered vitamin C offer well-absorbed micronutrient support.


The ingredients in UT Select are researched to help soothe irritated tissues. To help promote urinary comfort, increase your water intake, eliminate sugar-containing foods, and take this comprehensive support formula.


UT Select features clinically relevant amounts of synergistic ingredients.


These premium extracts of four traditional nourishing herbs work in conjunction with abundant fluid intake to help support the urinary tract and bladder, while protecting the kidneys from upstream involvement.*

Moss Nutrition UT Select - 60 caps

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