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Avena Botanicals Yoni Creme - 2 oz

Avena Botanicals Yoni Creme - 2 oz

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Avena Botanicals Yoni Creme is organic and edible. It soothes and lubricates vaginal tissue, moistening and supporting a sensual experience with its light, sweet almond flavor.*


The sweet scent of this luscious crème is alluring, with notes of cacao, coconut, and almond. The complex and intoxicating aromas deepen when applied to warm skin, permeating the senses.


Yoni Crème is a personal moisturizer and lubricant of the highest purity and quality. It is silky, luxurious, and tempting. This edible crème begins to melt instantly upon application.

Yoni Crème is soothing, moisturizing, and protective of vaginal tissues. A perfect crème for personal and partner-related needs and desires for your most intimate moments.


Taste / Energetics: sweet, nourishing, sensual, soothing, moisturizing, lubricating, protective.


When to reach for it: During intimacy, whether personal or partnered. To soothe and lubricate dry, irritated, or tender vaginal and anal mucous membranes. To support arousal.


Ingredients: Sunflower oil^, Coconut Oil^, Cocoa Butter^, Beeswax, Vegetable Glycerin^, Sweet Almond extract^.


Note: Not latex-friendly.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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