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Moss Nutrition ZincEval Select

Moss Nutrition ZincEval Select - 8 oz


Moss Nutrition ZincEval Select® is provided in a liquid form that is readily absorbed by the body. The product is designed to be used in two ways: 1) as a zinc supplement and 2) to conduct a zinc taste test. 


The zinc taste test may be useful in helping to evaluate an individual's zinc status and determine whether or not zinc supplementation is called for.


Evaluate zinc status as follows:

  • Immediate, very noticeable bitter, unpleasant, or metallic taste: indicates optimal levels of zinc are present; suggests no need for zinc supplementation.
  • Slight bitter or metallic taste: indicates suboptimal zinc levels; suggests need for zinc supplementation.
  • Absence of taste, sweet or "water-like" taste: indicates low zinc levels; suggests definite need for zinc supplementation. Consider the use of Zinc Select® capsules to avoid an increasingly bitter taste experience as zinc status improves.


If the need for zinc supplementation is indicated, consider using either ZincEval Select® liquid or tasteless Zinc Select® capsules. After 2 - 4 weeks of zinc supplementation, follow-up taste testing with ZincEval Select® may be performed to re-evaluate zinc status.


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