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Finding your purpose

Having a positive purpose and finding a way to make the world a better place helps to nourish the soul.

Find your purpose
Find Your Purpose


Making the world a better place helps to provide a purpose. From volunteering at a shelter, to feeding the hungry, there are so many  ways to make the world a better place.

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Every action we take towards making the world a better place, no matter how small, plants the seeds for a better future.

Having a positive purpose reduces stress and improves quality of life. 

Nourishing the mind and soul is just as important as nourishing the body.

Start small


Don't try to fix the whole world or take on a massive project that adds stress to your life.

Your positive purpose should enrich your life, not make it harder.

Choosing something local to you, will allow you to see positive results sooner, enriching your life and giving you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

Follow your passion


Focus your positive purpose on something you're passionate about.

For example:

Passionate about the environment - Clean up trash around local waterways.

Passionate about animals -

Volunteer at local animal shelters.

Passionate about Politics -

Volunteer with a local campaign.

Passionate about helping people -

Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen.

Schedule on a calender


Choose a positive purpose that allows you to find time to work on it at your own pace, not something that ends up feeling like a chore with a rigid schedule, which can suck the passion you once felt out of working on it.

Go Slow


Sometimes, it can be tempting to try and go nuts on something we care a lot about.

However, doing too much too fast can lead to burnout and a loss of that passion.

Going slow and building something over time, will let you enjoy your passion, rather than think of it as a chore.

Your positive purpose should enrich and nourish your life, not make it worse.

Small acts of kindness and positive purpose can make a big difference in our communities and help make the world a better place, one action at a time!

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