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Rooted Pantry

Incredible food from incredible farmers!

Nourishing foods from people who care.

Real food nourishes our bodies, the planet, and the people who grow it.

Real food is grown by people with a deep connection to the land.

Real food supports our local communities and families.

Real food comes from real people, who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the land.

Rooted Pantry is a celebration of the farmers who work so hard to make all of our lives better. 


Nourishing foods from people who care.

Every day we get asked what brand of this or that should I buy?

Whether it is olive oil or jelly, keeping up with what products are ethically made, family-owned, sustainably grown, and that pay farmers a fair price can be a full-time job.

Very few of us have the time to research all of this and keep up with it.

That is why we created Rooted Pantry.


Nourishing foods from people who care.

Rooted Pantry will feature foods that can be traced back to the actual farms and forests where they came from.

Think of it as a farmers market for your pantry.

Every product comes from small family farms with a common mission to help all of us be healthier and leave the planet a better place for future generations.

Many of them are working to train the next generation of farmers and help to ensure that family farms will be the future.

Nourishing foods from people who care.

The second part of Rooted Pantry is the shopping guide.

If you have ever stared at a label on a product at the store and wondered if those symbols and seals like non-GMO, organic, fair-trade, sustainably grown, etc were actually accurate or whether they were just marketing, then the shopping guide is for you.

The shopping guide is a living document, we will update it frequently to ensure that you never have to worry.

No longer will you have to wonder if that chocolate bar is really fair trade or whether those beans are truly organic.

The shopping guide makes it easy to shop for healthy, ethical products no matter where you are.

Get your copy today and spend less time stressing and more time cooking!


Nourishing foods from people who care.

We are so excited to launch Rooted Pantry.

Meeting farmers, tasting products, and being able to bring you so many incredible foods is truly a labor of love for us.

Over time Rooted Pantry will grow as we introduce more and more amazing foods from amazing farmers.

Our hope is that together Rooted Pantry and the shopping guide make it easy for you to make healthier choices for your family and the planet.

We hope you will join us in helping to take back our food supply and say thank you to the amazing people who enable us to live healthier and happier.


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