Why did we choose to partner with Seleno Health?

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They produce a truly Fair Trade product.

Seleno Health Cacao products are single-origin and farm to bottle.

Their cacao is organic, direct from a small artisanal farm in Peru. When you buy our cacao our farmer receives a significantly higher price than what they received previously from a broker, it's better than fair – it’s profit sharing.

Instead of the usual grower and buyer relationship, this farm partnership ensures that the people are treated fairly instead of the exploitive relationship that makes up much of the cacao industry.

This means you know exactly where your cacao came from. It is not a mix of various countries and origins. When cacao is mixed together from lots of different places and batches, it is much easier for it to get adulterated and contaminated. By using single-origin cacao products you always know where your cacao is coming from. In addition, sometimes sustainable cacao can be mixed with cacao that may not be sustainably or ethically grown.

They are empowering and rescuing farmers. After years of violence from terrorists and drug traffickers in the cacao growing region of Peru due to the cocaine industry, these farmers now have an opportunity to grow artisanal cacao instead of being lured into the illegal drug trade for money.

By ensuring they are paid a fair price for their crop, it also ensures that slave labor will never be used in the process.

When you buy Seleno Health Cacao you are helping rescue farmers and families from the drug trade and rescue the ancient traditions surrounding cacao in Peru.

Environmentally Friendly for a Sustainable Future.

This cacao is agroforestry ’shade-grown’ under the shadow of many native fruits, with an organic canopy protecting crops like banana and papaya.

Cacao naturally loves to grow under a forest canopy, so there is less stress on the tree, it promotes biodiversity, improves soil fertility, and sequesters 30% more carbon than non-shade grown cacao.

By shade growing cacao no rainforest land is destroyed, helping to preserve them for future generations.

This cacao is also grown without the use of synthetic pesticides like DDT which is used throughout much of the cacao industry.

This helps to protect the farmers and the environment.

By buying cacao grown in a truly sustainable manor and without those toxic inputs, you help to ensure a better future for the people and the land.


Pure, Potent and Nourishing

Unlike most cacao products on the market, ours is analyzed and tested for a range of heavy metal contaminants, in particular cadmium which is a big problem in the Central and South American growing regions. Naturally high levels of Cadmium occur in the soil due to volcanic activity, so it is always important to check heavy metal levels in the cacao to ensure it is safe to consume.

Feel free to email us at info@joshboughton.com, to get the test results on the latest batch so you can see for yourself that our cacao is extremely low in heavy metals and contain far lower levels than other brands.

Cacao is a food that has been nourishing people and the planet for thousands of years. 

Experience the incredible benefits for yourself while helping to improve the lives of the people growing it and gain a powerful connection to the land.

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