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Welcome to Rooted Nutrition!

We are firm believers and advocates for what truly makes a difference in your health and wellness. We have been active in health and wellness for over twenty years and have helped thousands of people achieve their goals. Known firmly in the dietary supplement industry for our incredibly high standards in quality control, Rooted Nutrition has created a stellar reputation for our immense knowledge base and caring approach.



Ethically Driven

Ethics are infused into everything we do. Making an ethical choice will always come before profits, with no exceptions.


While most companies can tell you very little about the actual origins of their products, our Farm-To-Bottle Project provides an unmatched level of transparency.

Just Say No To Nestle

We are proud to not sell any products from companies owned by huge corporations like Nestle, which owns a huge portion of the supplement industry.

Ethical Sourcing

A product is only as good as the impact it has on the planet and the people who made it.

We strive to sell products that improve the lives of the people who produced them and the environment.

The Best Products From Around The World

While many companies have a US-centric focus, we understand that you need to look around the world to find the best products.

Fair Pay For Work

We believe that farmers and laborers should be paid fairly for their labor and products that they produce. We are proud supports of the fair trade and direct trade movements. We believe everyone deserves to live a life of dignity that fair pay provides.


Our herbalist has over twenty years experience in every aspect of the dietary supplement industry, 

Regenerative Agriculture

We partner with a number of incredible companies that are helping convert tens of thousands of acres of farmland to a regenerative model.

This helps to sequester carbon in the soil, conserve water, restore grasslands, and improve animal welfare.

Truth In Advertising

We refuse to sell products labeled as whole food that are not actually whole food. This despicable practice is all too common in the supplement industry. 

Family Owned

We are a 100% family-owned company.

This means we do not have to please investors and can focus on more important things than just making larger profits.

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