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Supplement Industry Consulting And Solutions

We can help

Whether you need help formulating a product, finding a manufacturer, sourcing raw materials, complying with new regulations on sales platforms like Amazon, sorting through product testing problems, ensuring your labels are compliant, and much more, we have you covered!


In-depth knowledge

We understand that it can be confusing with so much conflicting information out there.

We can help you sort through the mountains of information to make sure your products check all the boxes because of our in-depth and detailed knowledge of every part of the supplement industry.



Ethics permeates everything we do at Rooted Nutrition and that applies to our supplement industry consulting as well.

We will never give you questionable advice, ways to cheat systems and testing or recommend raw materials, manufacturers, labs, or vendors that we get a kickback or commission on. 

We only work with manufacturers, suppliers, labs, and vendors who uphold a high ethical standard.



With over twenty years of experience in the dietary supplement industry, we are intimately familiar with the problems facing companies and how to solve them.


On-Time Turnaround

We know that new deadlines and urgent needs can arise at any time. 

We work quickly to make sure you have the information you need when you need it. 

On Time

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