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Apogee spirulina greenhouses

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Apogee spirulina greenhouses


Artisan Spirulina From New Mexico

The Farm is located at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The magnificent sunshine which averages 300 days a year offsets the energy use with solar power. The utilization of the French method in this excellent climate results in an unparalleled spirulina.

Apogee spirulina greenhouse interior
Apogee Spirulina Greenhouse Interior


The French artisan method of spirulina cultivation differs in several key ways from large scale commercial farms.


The spirulina is grown in a greenhouse which reduces water evaporation. This is critical in a high desert climate. The greenhouse also allows the spirulina to remain at a constant high temperature during cold desert nights.


This provides for an optimum growth rate during the summer months. The small greenhouse environment is free of dust and other contaminants, so the use of pesticides or herbicides is not necessary.

Hand holding spirulina powder


Harvesting is done almost daily and slow dried in a solar oven to maintain the highest nutritional levels, so a higher quality finished product is achieved.


During the peak of the season, harvesting is done five days a week and the ponds are rested and rejuvenated over the weekend. The growing season is between April and October. Peak harvesting occurs in the hot summer months.

spirulina powder


Add it to your smoothie, sprinkle on a salad or eat directly from the bag. The only limit to Apogee Spirulina is your imagination. Refrigerate after opening.

Suggested use 1 teaspoon per day.

apogee spirulina


Most spirulina is grown in outdoor ponds and is often contaminated with pollutants from the local environment and the rain.

Apogee Spirulina is grown in a covered greenhouse, fed by mountain spring water.

apogee spirulina


Where and how your spirulina was grown and processed matters a great deal.

From contaminants and poor processing techniques to ethical issues, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a spirulina product.

Check out this page to learn more.


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