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Norm's Farms Elderberry Farm

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Norm's Farm's Elderberry bush


Excellence in elderberry

Family farmers who are producing incredible elderberry syrup to nourish and support your immune system.

Norm's Farm's Elderberry bush
Norm's Farm's Elderberry


They are planting like crazy to bring you even more American black elderberry products.


Every year, their fields and greenhouses get a little bit bigger. For Norm’s, farming truly is at the root of everything they do. It’s where they got their start, and it’s all-hands-on-deck as they work to maintain their crops throughout the season.

Norm's Farm's Elderberry Farm


They focus on planting perennials (elderberries) that help strengthen the soil. Their farmers aren’t ripping and tearing our crops from the land every year.


Elderberries are also great for erosion control and absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. They have helped take a wild plant and cultivated it into a crop that is good for the environment, the local economy, and for families across the nation.


More than that, they pay they farmers a livable wage and work with the local extensions office to help put elderberry on the map as a specialty crop. They love this work and plan to set the bar higher with each passing year. 

Norm's Farm's Elderberry Syrup


Too many elderberry syrups are loaded with sugar. Many have more sugar than pancake syrup!


Norm's believes that elderberry should be allowed to shine. They slow cook their syrup to perfection and bottle in dark glass jars to preserve and protect the elderberry in the same old fashioned way your grandmother did.

The farm to bottle project


Much of the elderberry products on the market are adulterated and come from questionable origins, despite what the packages claim.

Norm's Farm's controls the entire process, from growing and syrup-making to bottling.

They are one of a very few farm-to-bottle elderberry syrup makers in the country.

Check out our blog to learn why it is so important to know where the ingredients in your supplement are grown and processed.


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