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Moringa powder in a hand

Brands We Love

Moringa Seedlings


The most incredible moringa

Moringa from women-run coops that help to improve the local community, nourish local school children, and support reforestation efforts in Africa.

Moringa Leaves
Nutu Moringa


Nutu was formed to share part of the precious moringa bounty with the international market.


Thanks to the implementation of the highest possible standards of quality control, Nutu is helping create a vital outlet for premium moringa products, while enabling those who plant it to take home a good wage as well as produce the highest quality moringa there is.

Nutu Moringa Farmers


Unlike most moringa powders that come from unknown sources, Nutu Moringa buys their moringa directly from women run farmer cooperatives who use regenerative agriculture and agro-forestry.

This helps to build a sustainable and fair supply chain that values the hard work these incredible farmers do.

It is so important that people are paid a fair wage for their work so they can live lives of dignity.

Nutu Moringa


Nutu Moringa is grown without the use synthetic pestcides that contaminate so many moringa powders and negatively impact the water supply in so many villages.

Every batch is tested for pesticides, harmful bacteria, and heavy metals.

Nutu brings you the most amazing moringa, in the most sustainable, ethical, and purest way possible.

Women cooking moringa


Pictured above are participants in the Nuta school lunch program. These talented/lovely/kind-hearted women come several times each week to local schools, where they cook and distribute food to students. A few big scoops of Nuta moringa powder are added to the pot to ensure that the students, many of whom would otherwise go undernourished, get plenty of nutrition!

A portion of the profits from every bottle sold goes back into the community to help uplift it!

Moringa Tree


Nutu works with Forest and Life, a social movement that fights deforestation in Africa.


The effects of deforestation, which has been rampant throughout Africa, have been devastating. They include not only water scarcity, malnutrition, and the decimation of local economies but also a profound reduction in biodiversity.


The cultivation of moringa oleifera, a fast-growing tree that thrives in precisely those drought-prone regions where the sting of malnutrition is felt most, has been instrumental in the reforestation of Africa, all the while providing a powerful source of nutrition to the people of the region and invigorating local economies.  Over the last ten years, Forest and Life has planted hundreds of acres of moringa trees across Africa, nourishing the population, creating jobs, and restoring biodiversity to the landscape. It’s an incredible organization!

They also partner with One-Tree Planted, to support further reforestation of forests around the world.

The Farm To Bottle Project


It can be nearly impossible to know where most moringa powders come from since they are mixed together from a variety of sources and sold by middlemen.

That's not the case with Nutu Moringa because of their direct trade partnerships with the farmer-owned cooperatives.

Check out our Farm-To-Bottle Blog to learn why it is so important to know where the ingredients in your supplement are grown and processed.

What do the different colors of moringa powder mean?

Moringa powder should look like the one on the left. The more vibrant green the moringa powder is, the better and more beneficial it is. Low-quality moringa is often dull, pale, or brownish—typically due to poor harvesting and cultivation techniques or high-heat sterilization. Check out our blog, All About Moringa, to learn what it takes to make an amazing Moringa powder.


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