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Introducing the Gut Health Center!

Updated: Jan 20

More and more research is showing how important gut health is to the health of the entire body. We wanted to provide a place where you can get all the information you need to have the healthy gut you deserve. That’s why we are so excited to announce the launch of our Gut Health Center. Think of it as a garden center, a place where you can find all the tools you need to get your gut garden thriving.

Anyone who loves to garden knows there is way more to it than just throwing some seeds on the ground and calling it a garden. Well, your gut is closer to a garden than you may know.

IGY Max Gut Health

Your gut is a garden, and you are the gardener. The choices you make can help it thrive and flourish or become overrun with weeds and pests.

Let’s take a walk down the aisles of our gut garden center.

Aisle one contains prebiotics. Think of prebiotics as the fertilizer of your gut garden. A garden needs nutrients, and your gut is the same way. Not just any fertilizer, though, the right fertilizer. Nourishing the soil is essential to a healthy garden. Just as you would not just dump anything in a garden, you don’t want just to use anything calling itself a prebiotic. Get the lowdown on which prebiotics are best and which ones to avoid.

Aisle two contains probiotics. Think of probiotics as the plants in your gut garden. Healthy, thriving plants are the goal of a good gardener. It’s important to have the right plants, not just any plants in your garden. You wouldn’t plant poisonous berries in your garden, so don’t plant bad bacteria. Get the lowdown on which foods and supplements provide the right plants and which ones to avoid.

Aisle three contains HCL, digestive enzymes, and bile acids. These important compounds help your gut digest and break down food and make nutrients easier to absorb. These are the tools of your gut garden. Just like gardening, having the right tools, as well as knowing when and how to use them, is essential. Get the lowdown on these awesome implements.

Aisle four contains immunoglobulins, such as IGY and IGG. Think of these as the pollinators and earthworms of your gut garden. While these guys may be small in size, they play a huge role in the health of your gut garden. Get the lowdown on these incredibly hard-working proteins, who never get enough credit for all that they do.

Aisle five contains herbs that support healthy gut function. Think of these as the cover crops for your gut garden. They can help to soothe, calm, nourish, and hydrate your gut. Knowing when and how to use these cover crops is essential. Get the lowdown on everything from choosing a good aloe vera and achieving a blissful belly.

Aisle six contains zonulin, DAO, and histamine. Think of these as the root system of your gut garden because of their effect on the gut lining. If the roots of your garden are healthy, it goes a long way in keeping your plants healthy. If the roots are weak and rotting, your garden will have some problems. Get the lowdown on keeping your gut garden roots healthy.

Aisle seven is the junk food aisle. Here you can learn about the foods that have the biggest negative impact on your gut, how to avoid them, and what to replace them with.

Aisle eight contains IGYs and the happy gut equation. IGYs are definitely our favorite way to support a healthy gut garden. The happy gut equation is the key to a healthy gut garden. Learn how you can solve the healthy gut equation and get the thriving garden you always wanted.

We hope you enjoy the gut health center. If you would like us to add an aisle, email, and we will do our best to get it stocked. Now get in there and get gardening!


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