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The Brain Bean

Beans have often been called the magical fruit because, well, you know. But what if there was an even more magical bean that you've never heard of?

Macambo Beans

We are excited to introduce you to Macambo, the brain bean.

Macambo (Theobroma Bicolor) is cacao’s incredible cousin, also known as Jaguar or Masculine cacao. This super bean has been used for centuries by the Native peoples because of its benefits.

Macambo comes from the fruit of a ten million year old tree that was once cacao but evolved into a unique species deep in the Amazon rainforest. It grows around cacao in Peru, towering above and shading it from the sun like a protector.

Its brain-like shape is a beautiful coincidence, as it provides many brain health benefits and supports the gut-brain connection.

So what’s in these nutty and delicious beans?

These little guys are rich in prebiotic fiber. Twelve gives you nine grams of fiber, which is great for feeding your good bacteria. Unlike most beans, the type of fiber in them is not gassy and won’t cause bloating; it is just good food for your good bacteria. They use these fibers to produce beneficial postibiotics like butyric acid.

They have a great fat profile, low in omega-six and high in the beneficial fatty acid omega-nine.

Omega-nine supports:

  • Healthy energy levels

  • They are great for a quick pick me up when you are feeling sluggish.

  • Healthy cholesterol levels

  • Healthy eyes 

    • Great for dry eyes

  • Nourished skin 

    • Great for dry skin

  • Healthy lungs

  • Healthy liver

  • Healthy joints

  • Healthy gut and microbiome

  • Healthy immune function

  • Healthy cytokine balance

Macambo is rich in several beneficial compounds. They include:

  • Theobromine, which supports

    • Healthy cardiovascular system

    • Healthy circulation and blood flow.

    • Healthy mood.

    • Healthy alertness, focus, and concentration

    • Eat them before a test or situation where you must be on point.

    • Healthy lung function

  • Theophylline, which supports

    • Healthy lung function.

    • Healthy muscle relaxation.

  • Polyphenols

    • Polyphenols are a class of compounds found in many plant foods that are potent antioxidants and great prebiotics. 

These little beans pack some big benefits!

You can use them in lots of different ways. Enjoy straight from the bag, crumbled over desserts and drinks, or sprinkled on salads for a unique flavor twist. Blend with milk to create a delicious, nutty hot or cold beverage. Grind into a paste and add to desserts, baking, sweets, or savory dishes. 

Macambo beans

They make a delicious topping on a maca or cacao latte.

Macambo beans are very rare in the wild and can easily be overharvested, which would lead to them becoming extinct very quickly if lots of companies did it, which is why you should never buy while harvested ones. It is only found in South America, and some parts of Central America, and it has a beautiful spiritual and physical relationship with cacao in traditional cacao production.

We are excited to be able to supply Macambo beans directly from a family farm in Peru that grows them organically. It grows over the cacao, helping to provide shade and protect the cacao. It is not being wild harvested, so it will not affect wild populations of the plant. The farmers are paid a fair price for their crops. This allows all of us to experience the benefits of this incredible food without causing harm to the environment while helping to provide a good living for family farmers. A true win-win!

Use code Macambo at checkout to save ten percent!


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