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Norm’s Farms is a nature-to-nurture company. Our farms specialize in the American elderberry and our berries are backed by rigorous testing for authenticity and purity. When you see a Norm’s Farms label on the shelf, you can rest assured you’re getting clean nutrients that provide the best support for a healthy immune system. We care for our American black elderberry plants throughout the entire life cycle—from cultivation in the fields to the goods you bring home.


Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract is made from farm-fresh North American elderberries (not from European concentrate).


Our Extract formula is very simple…we use a gentle water process to extract the elderberry and remove the seeds before we bottle it.


Our Elderberry Extract tastes great, like a dry red wine: it’s not sweet, and it’s not bitter. 


You won’t find any added alcohol, sugars, glycerin, or artificial sweeteners in our products.


You deserve to know exactly what goes into your dietary supplements. That’s why we test ours for polyphenols and anthocyanins—the nutrients that give elderberries their immune-supporting qualities—through USP Monograph quality standards. These high standards take a look at the identity, strength, purity, and performance of our ingredients.


In addition, we have our nutraceuticals Tru ID tested, a certification program that uses DNA technology to verify the identity of the plant species you find on our product labels.


These strict, 3rd party testing measures mean you can rest assured you’re getting authentic elderberry every time you take a spoonful of Norm's Farms. And when it comes to effectively support your body’s natural immune response, knowing makes all the difference.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Norm's Farms Elderberry Extract - 8 oz

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