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Rosita cod liver oil

Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 5 oz


Rosita Cod Liver Oil is wild-caught and sustainably harvested from the Helgeland fjords of northern Norway.

Raw and handcrafted by the Rosita family, using a rare, exclusive, and generations-old cold-process extraction technique that turns to nature to separate the oil from the livers.

Fish to fresh oil within hours!
Mild, fishy, buttery taste.
It contains only naturally occurring vitamin A and vitamin D in the concentration and proportion nature intended. No synthetic vitamins are added.

Gives you 395 IU vitamin D3 per teaspoon and 3,900 IU vitamin A per teaspoon (with some variation batch-by-batch due to naturally occurring seasonal shifts).

Gives you 443 mg EPA and 605 mg DHA per teaspoon, along with a full spectrum of omega fats, including 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 11.

Not winterized like other oils in order to preserve the full spectrum of nutritious fats that protect against oxidation.

Made only from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) caught by line (no nets!) in the pristine waters near Dønna, Norway.
Created in small batches.
No heat, bleach, solvents, mechanization, winterization, or chemicals are used.

A nitrogen-flushed glass bottle minimizes oxidation, with minimal exposure to oxygen and light and no exposure to metals.

Each batch is tested twice for contaminants and monitored to maintain strict EU standards before being exported.

A tiny drop of natural antioxidants - rosemary extract and full spectrum vitamin E (from sunflower seeds) is added to maintain freshness.

Oxygen-free bottles can be shipped without cold packs.

Please shake before using it!


Because this is a raw, minimally processed product, the naturally occurring fats in the cod liver oil can collect at the top of the bottle. Shaking before each use helps distribute them evenly.


Cod Liver oil the way it used to be.

No synthetic vitamins are added, unlike most cod liver oils.

No Molecular distillation, heavy processing, high heat, or solvents were used.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

  • Tips for taking it:


    • Give it flavor! What about adding a hint of licorice, ginger, or lemon

    • Mix it into a smoothie.

    • Add it to a tangy juice.

    • Try adding it to yogurt, raw cream, raw honey, maple syrup, apple sauce, or even peanut butter.

    • Use a chaser. Try a slice of lemon or a crisp cucumber.

    • Use an ice cube tray and freeze it into small pieces that you can swallow.

    Here is how we take it:

    Pour your oil into the glass measuring cup.

    In a glass put a couple of ounces of cold water.

    Hold your breath and swallow the oil. Then drink the water. Don’t breathe until after you swallow the water. Then chase with a lemon slice like you would after a shot of tequila.

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