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Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty Tooth Brushing Soap - 3.5 oz

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty Tooth Brushing Soap - 3.5 oz


Don't worry, our Tooth Brushing Soap is so much more enjoyable than "washing your mouth out with soap!" This soap just for teeth leaves your mouth squeaky clean and refreshed. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!


Tooth Brushing Soap is totally unique. Instead of coating your teeth, it allows your gums and teeth to be nourished.


It’s ideal for sensitive teeth and fights plaque-causing bacteria with its high pH. And of course, it’s naturally antibacterial to knock out bad breath with the added help of baking soda. You’ll feel the difference the very first time you brush!


Directions:  Use the tip of a dry toothbrush to scoop out a pea-sized portion.  Wet brush and brush as normal, being careful not to swallow.  Rinse and enjoy a clean mouth like never before!  Note:  This product is not preserved so it is important to keep it dry.  If your toothbrush is not dry, use a small spoon instead.


Ingredients:Sodium tallowate, distilled water, organic flavor, sodium bicarbonate, pearl, diatomaceous earth and hydroxyapatite.


Grassfed Tallow (saponified) — Animal fats are superior in every way for personal care products and this is true for soap as well.  The process of saponification is simply a traditional method of turning fat into soap which lends a wonderful lather to this tooth soap.


Sodium Bicarbonate - When it came to selecting a gentle, teeth-whitening abrasive, we explored the many options and came to the conclusion that we needed to look no further than good ole baking soda.  It whitens and brightens teeth without eroding enamel.


Organic Flavor — softens our soap with a mild, minty flavor.


Pearl Powder - Provides additional gentle abrasion for whiter teeth.


Calcium Hydroxyapatite - The same form of calcium found in your teeth. Helps to strengthen teeth.


Diatomaceous Earth - Rich in silica which helps to strengthen teeth.


Proudly Palm Free

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