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Triquetra Plant Magnesium is a 100% whole food, plant-sourced form of Magnesium derived from an organic French sea vegetable complex. Being a whole food source of Magnesium, Plant Magnesium is recognized by your body as food, in contrast to isolated and synthetic forms of magnesium. Whole-food Magnesium is easy on the stomach and digestive tract.


It contains three organic sea vegetables from France: sea lettuce, bladderwrack, and Irish sea moss.


Each capsule contains 125 mg of elemental magnesium.


Other ingredients: Organic vegan Pullulan Capsule and Organic Rice Hulls


Water is the only solvent used. No ethylene dichloride, hexane, or acetone are used.


The raw material and finished product are tested for heavy metals.


Triquetra Organic Whole Food Plant Magnesium - 60 caps

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