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Avena Botanicals Astragalus is a deeply rejuvenating tonic. Promotes healthy immune, digestive, and respiratory function, while imparting general strength and vitality to the human spirit and body.*


A member of the bean family (Fabaceae), Astragalus, for all its sweetness and food-like quality, is a powerful plant essential to many traditional health and wellness systems worldwide. The roots of this hardy perennial are strong, deeply rooted, and nourishing to the soil where they grow. When we use Astragalus, we too are blessed by the sweet, building, and strengthening qualities of these beautiful roots.


When taken over several weeks or months, especially in the late summer/early autumn and winter, and again throughout the gardening season, Astragalus deeply supports healthy immune function and strengthens our lungs. We may be more open to receiving emotional and physical inspiration from our environment and the beauty of the natural world. This magnificent herb offers us the nourishment and strength to think clearly, stand up, and to be our authentic selves. We find support to digest our food and life experiences with more grace. Astragalus is considered to be the queen of the Chi/Qi Tonics in Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Our Astragalus root is made with the utmost care from our Biodynamic plants, making this tincture a safe, effective, and vibrant choice for the whole family.


Beds of astragalus plants grow in Avena's biodynamic gardens. This leguminous herb benefits the soil by fixing nitrogen and improving overall soil health. In autumn, Avena's gardeners dig many yellow-colored astragalus roots when the plants are three to four years old. 


Taste / Energetics: sweet, warming, moistening, building, strengthening.

Actions: immune tonic, lung tonic, adaptogen, blood building, Chi/Qi tonic.

When to reach for it: When you feel weak, depleted, or drained. For postpartum and menopause support. To enhance lung health. When seeking inspiration and strength. From late summer through spring (and for full-time gardeners and farmers, continue taking during the farming season).


Ingredients: Certified Organic Astragalus (Astragalus Membranaceus) (fresh and dried root) (100% Domestic USA Grown)

Other Ingredients: Certified Organic Pure Grain Alcohol, Spring Water


Safety Consideration: Pregnant women avoid. Avoid use during acute infections.  


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Avena Botanicals Astragalus - 1 oz

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