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Nutriplex Formulas BFood tablets

Nutriplex Formulas BFood - 250 Tablets


Nutriplex Formulas BFood is the ultimate whole food B complex supplement.


It energizes the body, is easy to absorb, and is gentle on the stomach.


A rich blend of foods such as beets, wheat germ, and oat bran.


It contains natural folate, not the synthetic forms of folic acid found in most b-complex products.


  • Primary Yeast - A rich source of many b-vitamins
  • Brown Rice Bran - A rich source of b-6 and folate.
  • Wheat Germ -  A rich source of folate, b-1, and b-6
  • Beef Liver - A rich source of choline, b-12, and other B vitamins.
  • Sprouted Barley Malt - A rich source of niacin.
  • Astragalus Root - Helps to support a healthy immune system.
  • Oat Bran - A rich source of pantothenic acid.
  • Beet Root - Helps to support methylation.
  • Fig Fruit - A rich source of b-6.
  • Sunflower Seed - A rich source of vitamin b-5.
  • Vanilla Bean - A rich source of many b vitamins.
  • Date Fruit - A rich source of many b vitamins.


Bfood provides b vitamins in their whole food form.  Easy to absorb and gentle on the stomach.


Proudly Palm Free

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