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Avena Botanicals Calendula promotes healthy skin and supports lymph, liver, digestive, and breast health.*


Calendula flowers are bright, aromatic, and delightful to the eye, whether growing in a garden or floating in a teapot. The flower has many uses, both internally and topically. Here at Avena, we hand-harvest these flowers at their peak several times a week from late June into September.


We tincture them fresh, preserving their radiance and their beneficial properties. Calendula's sunny quality uplifts the spirit, helps restore vitality, and clears dampness and darkness from hidden places in the body, especially the mouth and vagina. The tincture supports the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response, making for a valuable fall and winter ally.


Calendula is mildly bitter and supports liver function, which in turn encourages healthy skin, healthy hormone balance, and the body's digestive system.


Because Calendula is so soothing and resinous, the flowers encourage beneficial activity on mucous membranes throughout the digestive system from the mouth through the intestines, along with supporting lymphatic circulation.


Artist, author, and herbalist Lisa Estabrook (of Soulflower) writes about the spiritual energy of Calendula:

"The energy behind our thoughts and words has power, Calendula's warm, sunlike radiance helps us cultivate compassion and understanding when communicating. Call on Calendula to help you speak what is in your heart in a balanced and considerate way, while at the same time listening deeply to what is being said by another."


Garden Notes: Each spring and early summer, our gardeners transplant over 700 Calendula seedlings, grown from seed, into our greenhouse. From late June through September, we hand-harvest hundreds of pounds of these brilliantly orange flower blossoms from our Biodynamic garden rows. Calendula flowers need to be collected every two to three days, ideally on sunny days, once the dew is dry. Our hands become sticky from the resin for which Calendula is famous. We gently snap the leaf stem at the base of each flower and carefully place them in our baskets for drying. The flowers are used for all our oils and salves and are also immediately tinctured in organic alcohol. This continuous picking keeps the plants producing flowers until the first fall frost.


Taste / Energetics: bitter, slightly pungent, mildly aromatic, warming, drying, soothing, protective, clearing.


Actions: bitter, lymphatic, vulnerary, immune supportive.


When to reach for it: As part of a skincare routine. To support breast health (linked to lymphatic health). During the transition seasons and wintertime for balanced energetic, immune, and lymphatic support. When seeking lightness and clearing. To support communication and listening. During a seasonal reset like an Ayurvedic kitchari cleanse, or other kinds of healing diets. To support digestive, breast, vaginal and oral health.


Botanical NameCalendula officinalis

Part Used: Fresh flowers

Ingredients: Certified Biodynamic and Certified Organic Calendula flowers, Pure Grain Alcohol OG, Springwater

Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Avena Botanicals Calendula - 1 oz

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