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Moss Nutrition CoQH Select

Moss Nutrition CoQH Select - 60 softgels


Moss NutritionCoQH Select offers advanced CoQ10 support with CoQH-CF® ubiquinol. It is a researched, a patent-pending formulation that blends absorbable, activated Kaneka QH® ubiquinol with alpha-lipoic acid, d-limonene, and capric/caprylic acids for enhanced stability and better absorption than regular ubiquinol products.


Moss Nutrition CoQH Select® supplies ubiquinol as CoQH-CF®, a unique material that uses d-limonene, a compound that prevents CoQ10 crystallization without altering its chemical structure, to enhance absorption.


Unlike most ubiquinol and coq10 products which have dramatically reduced absorption because they are crystalized, this formula is crystal free.


Ubiquinol produced in Texas by Kaneka.

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