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Avena Botanicals Extra Echinacea supports a healthy immune and lymphatic system.*


Several Echinacea species are native to the prairies of what now is called "North America", and have long been valued and traded by various Indigenous peoples (herbalist Deb Soule highly recommends the book, Iwigara: The Kinship of Plants and People by Enrique Salmon). Echinacea encourages a healthy immune response, supports the respiratory system, and benefits skin health. Oftentimes, Echinacea preparations focus solely on the root. Extra Echinacea combines the flowers, leaves, and roots, creating a dynamic blend for deep immune system support that embodies the properties and vitality of this whole plant. Extra Echinacea also contains the flower essence of Echinacea, which offers support to the more subtle and emotional aspects of immune resilience.


Echinacea also supports a healthy lymphatic system, an aspect of the immune system. Extra Echinacea may be used as a lymphatic tonic as well as immune support as needed. And even though this incredible plant is best known as an ally for healthy immune function, Echinacea can also be worked with in small amounts over time to support a healthy microbiome. Our Echinacea products leave a pleasant tingling sensation on the tongue, which is a sign of an excellent Echinacea preparation.


Garden Notes: Our Biodynamic garden grows hundreds of Echinacea plants with beautiful magenta cone flowers, delighting bees, birds, and butterflies alike. During the summer, we hand-harvest the flowers and leaves and immediately tincture them into organic alcohol. In the fall, we dig three-year-old Echinacea roots by hand and tincture them fresh. We then combine our root, leaf, and flower tinctures together, creating our potent Extra Echinacea blend.


Taste / Energetics: tingly, aromatic, moving, pungent, protective, balancing.


Actions: immune supportive, lymphatic, carminative, respiratory tonic, skin supportive.


When to reach for it: When you feel you need some extra immune system support, especially In the autumn and winter. To support a healthy lymphatic system. Before and during travel or gathering with large groups of people. Can be diluted and used as a gargle or skin wash.


Botanical Name: Echinacea Purpurea

Part Used: Fresh flowers, leaves, roots

Ingredients: Echinacea flower essence, Certified Organic and Biodynamic Echinacea, Certified Organic Pure Grain Alcohol, Springwater


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Avena Botanicals Extra Echinacea - 1 oz

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