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Nxgen Grass Fed Pituitary

NXGEN Pituitary - 60 caps


NXGEN Pituitary is a glandular extract derived from lyophilized glands of animals grazed on pastures free of pesticides; growth hormones; antibiotics or chemical additives. Special sustained release formulation ensures maximum intestinal bioavailability and efficacy.


  • Pasture-Raised - Australian Lake Eyre Organic Grass-Fed

  • Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents

  • 100% Freeze-Dried & Non-Defatted

  • Third-Party Tested For Purity

  • Allergen-Free


— Provides peptides, cofactors, bioactive and nutritional building blocks along with specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and stem cells. —


— 100% pure. None of that extra stuff that most supplement companies include to save time and money (stearates, silica, etc) —


— 100% freeze-dried in contrast to the heat-processed varieties. This means that you get more of the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals, and co-factors that make organ meats so incredibly nourishing —


— Australian  Beef  Cattle are free of  BSE (mad cow disease), scrapie, and other known TSE’s , with a national surveillance program in place to provide comprehensive monitoring and world-class biosecurity measures—


Low-temperature freeze drying keeps any heat-sensitive enzymes, peptides, vitamins, and minerals intact. 


Compared to other freeze-dried organs, our freeze-drying program and technology are superior because we use a more gentle drying cycle that takes 48 hours to remove water from the raw tissue, to retain all the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, peptides, and cofactors, to replicate the nutritional value as close to the original raw material than any other drying method.  We use a patented cryogenic milling process to prevent heat from affecting the heat-sensitive nutrients.


NXGEN Pituitary is sourced from Lake Eyre Beef in Central Australia that grazes only on native grasses unique to Australia and rich in minerals and vitamins. The soil in Central Australia is untouched by synthetic chemicals and rich in nutrients and minerals. Humanely raised and grown, sustainably sourced beef. Cattle are free to roam for thousands of miles in Australia's outback. 


Tested free of BSE.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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