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Seleno Health Maca for Women is a scientific blend of red, yellow, and black Maca in ideal ratios to support female balance.


Incan tradition states that different colors of Maca have different uses.


Seleno Health's own scientific analysis indicates that this is because different colored Maca phenotypes contain different bioactive profiles.


As Maca experts they work closely with indigenous shamans and scientists to understand what our bodies require and how Maca can work in harmony with our health.


Men and women have different requirements so they need different Maca combinations to achieve optimum health.


From understanding the sacred traditions of Maca and the needs of women they have formulated the perfect Maca blend to bring internal harmony back to your body.


All of their Maca is 100% organic and sourced directly from the farm in Peru. They analyze and test every batch for potency by standardizing the macamide concentrations (maca’s main bioactive components).


Check our blog, It's time for a more ethical maca, to learn about what makes this maca soo much different than other maca products.


Also, check out our Maca Center, to learn about all things maca.


Ethically sourced and produced.

100% Traceable


Ingredients per capsule: 1250mg 100% organic activated* red, yellow, and black Maca powder, magnesium stearate (flow agent), vegetarian cellulose capsule

Seleno Health Maca for Women - 150 caps

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