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This product is non-refundable and non-returnable. All sales are final, with no exceptions.


Moss Nutrition Elemental Select™ powder is designed for those with digestive and gastrointestinal imbalances. When mixed with water, it provides a well-tolerated form of liquid nutrition that is comprehensive, non-irritating, restorative, and reparative.


All components are fully broken down into their basic “elemental” forms to meet physiologic requirements and core energy needs while enabling the digestive organs to rest and gut flora to normalize. In cases of gut bacteria overgrowth, elemental formulas are used to nourish while contributing to optimal microbiome balance.


Moss Nutrition Elemental Select™ is distinguished from other elemental formulas by its superior taste and quality. The sweet and delicious natural vanilla flavor makes it easier to take than other elemental formulas.


Moss Nutrition Elemental Select mixes easily with water or other liquid and should be sipped slowly rather than gulped.


Moss Nutrition Elemental Select™ is the first professional elemental formula to contain Reginator®, a vegan, hypoallergenic, proprietary blend of free-form essential amino acids plus the gut-friendly, non-essential amino acid L-arginine.


Reginator® has been researched to help increase and preserve muscle mass, even in non-exercising individuals, at the dose contained in two scoops of Elemental Select™. Preservation of muscle mass is critical for all aging individuals, especially for patients with chronic intestinal and digestive issues that impair proper nutrient absorption. As the gut heals, nourishment may be enhanced, strength restored, and quality of life improved.


Elemental Select™ features the following:

  • All essential vitamins and minerals in easily absorbed, recognizable forms.
  • Activated B vitamins, including L-5-MTHF methylated folate, help optimize energy production, as well as liver and nervous system function.
  • Predigested carbohydrate supplied as pure, non-fermenting glucose (dextrose) for energy.
  • Predigested fat supplied as medium chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut oil for sustained energy, cognitive health, and preservation of muscle mass.
  • Predigested protein supplied as Reginator® and additional free-form amino acids,

for the maintenance and repair of lean body mass, tissues, and organs, and to help support healthy enzyme, cellular, and immune function.

  • L-Glutamine helps nourish and soothe the intestinal lining.
  • No added sweeteners.
  • Delicious natural vanilla flavor.

DISCLAIMER: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


This product is non-refundable and non-returnable. All sales are final, with no exceptions.

Moss Nutrition Elemental Select - 2.3 lbs

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