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Avena Botanicals Mullein

Avena Botanicals Mullein - 1 oz


Avena Botanicals Mullein supports the respiratory tract and soothes irritated lungs.


Hundreds of tiny yellow flowers line the stalks of our Greek Mullein plants and always look absolutely brilliant against the blue sky. The leaves of this beautiful and striking plant are soft and fuzzy to the touch and slightly crimped. Their Mullein Tincture utilizes fresh leaves from dozens of first-year Greek Mullein plants that grow throughout our Biodynamic gardens.


In Deb Soule's book, The Healing Garden, she writes: "Standing near a tall Mullein flower stalk, or even touching the stalk with one's back, gives energy (to folks) who are unable to stand tall and confident within themselves. Mullein's magnificent flower stalk radiates a gentle but strong healing light."


Garden Notes: In the back corner of our Biodynamic gardens, near our beehives, lies a magnificent Greek Mullein patch that reseeds itself annually. These six to seven-foot tall torches, covered with hundreds of yellow flowers, serve as a Mecca to the bustling bee population. Our gardeners are found in the early morning hours of July, singing and collecting many pounds of the delicate Mullein flowers and the soft leaves of the first-year plants. These leaves are immediately tinctured in organic alcohol, and the flowers are infused in organic olive oil (see our Ear Oil Drops) and in organic vegetable glycerin and alcohol for blending into Bronchial Support.


Taste / Energetics: slightly salty, slightly sweet, mildly bitter, cooling, moistening, moving, soothing.


Actions: demulcent, expectorant, antispasmodic, respiratory tonic.


When to reach for it: When needing support for occasional dry, stuck, or constricted respiratory function of the upper or lower tract; especially useful during environmental challenges such as hot and dry fires and smoke. For winter support and during times of grief, especially paired with Broken Heart Remedy and/or Rose Petal Elixir.


Botanical Name: Verbascum Olympicum

Part Used: Fresh leaf

Ingredients: Fresh Mullein (Verbascum Olympicum) leaf†, Spring Water, Grain Alcohol^.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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