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Muno Therapeutics IGY Daily Immune Defense features Muno-IgY, the first and only natural ultra-high purity IgY antibodies for daily immune and gut support.


Delayed Release Capsules ensure Muno-IgY reaches the intestinal tract where it can be most effective.


Where many remedies take time,  the Muno-IgY in Muno Therapeutics goes to work in the gut immediately*. Once the delayed-release capsule reaches the small intestine, it begins to release powerful IgY antibodies, which seek out and remove unwanted pathogens throughout our GI tract. It quickly works to support a healthy gut lining.


The key to a lush lawn is seeding, feeding, and weeding. The same approach to encouraging a “lush gut garden” can be used to take care of our immune health. Whereas probiotics can help to restore good bacteria in the gut, Muno Therapeutics with Muno-IgY TM removes the bad bacteria.


Muno Therapeutics helps provide additional support by sending immune-supporting IgY antibodies directly into your small intestine. Once there, they attach themselves to unhelpful pathogens and eliminate them, resulting in improved gut health (gut wall integrity) and immunity*.


Muno Therapeutics IGY Daily Immune Defense is manufactured and produced in Alberta Canada.

Muno Therapeutics IGY Daily Immune Defense - 60 caps

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